Ajax Multi-Release: Beyond Security

As part of the latest release, Ajax introduces a series of new products: a MotionCam detector with visual alarm verification, automation scenarios, smart home remote control and Multi-Rex

Kyiv, Ukraine: Ajax, a leading European manufacturer of smart wireless security systems, launches multiple new products this month: MotionCam, a motion detector with photo verification of alarms, and the updated OS Malevich 2.8 which includes automation scenarios, smart home remote control Button, and Multi-Rex that enables protection of huge facilities. 

The new devices and updates allowed Ajax to achieve the following goals:

  • eliminate violation of privacy by traditional video cameras;
  • combine security equipment and smart home into a single system;
  • ensure coverage of very large facilities with a single wireless security system. 

For a long time, security system and home automation have been believed to be two different things. We’ve started merging these conceptions on the basis of Ajax to ensure a wide range of automation and protection capabilities in one solution. Alexander Konotopskyi. Ajax Systems CEO

MotionCam: Safe Photo Verification

MotionCam, a new motion detector with a camera for visual alarm verification, will resolve the problem of unverified alarms and security patrol calls by false alarms. Whenever the detector spots an intrusion, it takes several photos so that the owner and the security company can be convinced whether there is a real intrusion or the alarm has occurred due to simple oversights, hyperactive pets, or incorrect installation of the detector.

MotionCam detectors do not violate privacy, as they activate the camera only in case of alarm — neither users nor the security company have any backdoors to take a picture by request. 

Ajax team has developed a new Wings radio protocol for this detector. It guarantees transmission of images in less than 9 seconds to a distance of 1,700 meters and provides record energy efficiency for this type of device — the batteries in the detector live up to 4 years. All the data are encrypted when transmitted and stored, and images are not processed or analyzed by anyone. MotionCam detectors require Hub 2 control panel.

I am proud that Ajax team can make such inventions. Without a doubt, the Wings technology sets the new standards in the security industry. Fast photo transmission at a distance of 1700 meters with phenomenal energy efficiency — it’s magic that was previously unavailable on the market. We’ve managed to boost the informative quality of the system to the next level and preserve the familiar user experience at the same time. Aleksandr Konotopskyi. Ajax Systems CEO 

More about MotionCam

OS Malevich 2.8: Automation Scenarios, Button, Multi-Rex 

Ajax has managed to change people’s attitude towards security systems. Security equipment has become a gadget that is pleasant to use for safety at home and at work.

The updated OS Malevich 2.8 enables system users to automate their routine actions: e.g., security scheduling, managing home and office appliances, or counteracting any force majeure circumstances. 

Examples of Available Scenarios (launching in beta version)

  • Scheduled night mode — arms the perimeter of the property and protects your family while they sleep.
  • Automatic doors and roller shutters — the scenario rules out the situations when your employees forget to lower the roller shutters or lock the door. 
  • Flood prevention system — Ajax detectors identify a pipe breakage and dishwasher leaks from the first drops. An activated Scenario can automatically shut down running water to prevent flooding.
  • Power cut off by a fire alarm — fire detectors immediately respond to smoke or temperature increase. Set a scenario to switch off the potential cause of ignition.
  • Spotlighting the trespassers — the system scares off burglars approaching the house with blinding lights and loud sirens. 
  • Home activity simulation — when going on vacation, you can set up the lighting or audio playback schedules. The home won’t look empty and won’t attract thieves’ attention. 
  • Heating on schedule — the system can schedule the work of your underfloor heating system and turn on your electric boiler automatically at night when electricity runs at reduced rates.

More about Scenarios

For the convenient usage of scenarios, Ajax has expanded the functionality of their wireless panic button. The “Button” now supports two modes: regular Panic Mode and Control Mode that will let users run different scenarios. With a single click, they will be able to turn off the lights, switch on/off home appliances, lower the roller blinds or open the gate.

Today, we make a big step towards an Ajax-based smart home. The goal of this release is to automate the user’s routines in the app and train the Ajax system to resist the threats autonomously. Our next big focus will be to dive deeper into the climate control and lighting automation. We’ve formed a dedicated R&D team to develop the smart home functionality further. Within the next two years, we’re planning to significantly expand the model range of automation devices. Valentyn Hrytsenko. Ajax Systems CMO

Multi-Rex: Securing Very Large Facilities

You can now connect up to 5 ReX range extenders to one Ajax control panel. The coverage area has increased from 12 km2 to 35 km2. With a single system, without any complex restructuring, you can secure an office building, a factory with concrete floors, a farm with many buildings and a vast territory, etc.

ReX enhances the autonomy of the security system and increases its reliability. Each range extender combines the connected detectors into an independent subsystem. If communication with the hub is lost, ReX will take over facility protection.

About Ajax Systems 

Ajax Systems is a Ukrainian-based IoT company with HQ, R&D and manufacturing in Kyiv. Established in 2011 by Aleksandr Konotopskyi (CEO), the company develops professional wireless security systems, exporting them to over 100 countries across the globe and protecting more than 500 000 users.

Ajax product line includes 32 gadgets for the protection of premises from break-in, fire, and flood, as well as devices for smart home automation. Having received the prestigious awards of specialized exhibitions such as IFSEC (UK), Expoprotection (France) and MIPS/Securika, today Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe.