Ajax Systems Secures Major Breakthrough with UL Certification for US and Canada

Ajax Systems is thrilled to announce that 21 of its products have now been certified by UL Solutions for use in the United States and Canada. This marks a significant commitment by the company to the North American market and adds to its already impressive list of certifications in the European market. Additional certifications are planned in the region, and many are already in process.

Security professionals across the USA and Canada rely on testing, inspection and certification services from UL Solutions to enhance the quality and safety of the solutions they deliver. These certifications now enable Ajax partners to install with the confidence that their solutions are certified to national standards by a global leader in standards testing and certification.

Central to the Ajax ecosystem is the hub that is capable of supporting up to 200 wireless devices, 200 users and 25 partitions. Its multiple means of cloud connection including IP and LTE in combination with intuitive app make it a highly flexible solution that can be deployed for both residential and commercial applications.

The following products have been certified to UL 1023, UL 2610, ULC S304, UL 985, and ULC 545 standards:


  • Hub 2 (4G) Jeweller
  • Hub 2 Plus Jeweller

Range extenders

  • ReX Jeweller
  • ReX 2 Jeweller

Motion detectors

  • MotionProtect Jeweller
  • MotionProtect Plus Jeweller
  • MotionProtect Outdoor Jeweller
  • MotionProtect Curtain Jeweller
  • MotionCam Outdoor Jeweller
  • DualCurtain Outdoor Jeweller

Opening detectors

  • DoorProtect Jeweller
  • DoorProtect Plus Jeweller


  • KeyPad Jeweller
  • KeyPad Plus Jeweller


  • HomeSiren Jeweller
  • StreetSiren Jeweller
  • StreetSiren DoubleDeck Jeweller

Controls and panic buttons

  • SpaceControl Jeweller
  • Button Jeweller
  • DoubleButton Jeweller

Integration modules

  • MultiTransmitter Jeweller

For over a century, UL Solutions has been advancing innovation in safety and security in North America and across the globe. The UL Mark is a trusted mark in the security industry and Ajax Systems is excited to bring this level of certification of our products and services to all of our partners in the United States and Canada.Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ajax Systems

A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in their customers’ products.

About Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems is the largest security systems manufacturer in Europe, developing hardware and software recognized by industry experts. Today, Ajax reliably protects over 2,500,000 users in 169 countries with over 135 wired and wireless devices in the product line. The system includes indoor and outdoor intrusion, fire, and leak detectors as well as a wide range of smart home devices for air quality and automation.