How was the company created?

The idea of developing his own security systems came to our CEO Aleksandr Konotopskyi at the age of 21. At that time, Aleksandr managed a company called Secur — one of the largest distributors of security products in Ukraine. The company procured many devices from China, and their quality was often questionable.

For example, customers complained that a Chinese-made siren stopped working a month after installation. After disassembling the device with his engineer friend, Aleksandr found out that the sound appliance in it was designed for 2 ampere, and the transistor installed by the Chinese was for 1.

That moment changed my mind. A Chinese factory with 400 employees could not solve the problem I had been fighting over for a year. And my classmate understood it in 15 minutes. Aleksandr Konotopskyi

Aleksandr then decided, if an ordinary graduate of a Ukrainian technical university is more qualified than a worldwide manufacturer, it is worth trying to compete with the Chinese.