Ajax protects schools and kindergartens in Mariupol

Starting from the new school year, 114 schools and kindergartens in Mariupol, Ukraine, will be protected by Ajax smart wireless alarm. There are 167 smart security systems installed in schools and kindergartens. The employees control them via their smartphones and Ajax access system. The buildings are protected against intrusion and flooding, and the police come to the scene in case of danger.

Ajax wireless solution made it possible to quickly secure all schools and kindergartens in the city without the need to make costly repairs and drill the walls of old buildings. It took a professional installation engineer 2–3 hours to install 100 detectors at one site. 9,714 devices were installed in just two months.

The introduction of smart security systems cost Mariupol city administration 17 million hryvnias. And the next year, the city will be able to save twice as much — 38 million hryvnias.

Why schools and kindergartens need smart security systems

There are more than 100 schools and kindergartens in Mariupol attended by 51 thousand children. Previously, physical guards without proper training were responsible for the security of all buildings.

The city administration was looking for a solution for the institutions safety that doesn’t require construction works during installation (renovations would have affected the project cost) and can be easily managed by school and kindergarten staff.

We were able to provide all institutions with modern security systems in just two months, saving a tremendous amount of money. Every city administration can be proud of such a project. Looking at our experience of switching to Ajax wireless solution, our colleagues in health care, social services, and utility companies are already considering Ajax system for their facilitiesOleksandr Kochurin,
Deputy Mayor of Mariupol for Executive Bodies
of the City Council


Ajax Solution

Ajax system protects schools and kindergartens from intrusion and flooding, is controlled via a mobile app, connects to the police station, and runs on battery power for years.

Each school and kindergarten received a Hub 2 Plus central unit, motion and opening detectors on all doors and windows, flood detectors and motion detectors with a camera to verify alarms, an outdoor siren, and radio signal range extenders, for large schools with thick ceilings.

A principal and school employees control the security modes, opening and closing of the school/kindergarten in mornings and evenings via the Ajax apps. Also, a wall-mounted keypad is used to manage the system on site.

This project showed that Mariupol administration team is open to innovation and is advancing the city with the latest solutions. The installation of a smart security system in schools and kindergartens of the city is a successful example of an economically attractive solution, which should be considered by other Ukrainian cities as well.

This case also demonstrated once again that Ajax security systems adapt to the needs of not only housing and SMEs, but also large infrastructure solutions of the entire cities. We plan to scale similar projects with educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad
Valentine Hrytsenko, CMO at Ajax Systems

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