Ajax Systems announces a new Special Event for December 2

On December 2 at 13:00 (UTC+2), Ajax Systems will hold a big online presentation of new products and software. Partners and users from over 120 countries across the world will get an opportunity to learn about devices and updates the company has been working on recently and which will be released soon.

The show will be broadcast in 14 languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Greek. Viewers will be able to choose the language of the show before it starts.

The event is completely free. In order not to miss the presentation, register using the link below and add the event to your calendar.


It will be the third Special Event by Ajax Systems. The previous one totally received over 500,000 views around the world. The company introduced powerful additions to the outdoor detector lineup MotionCam Outdoor and DualCurtain Outdoor, a flagship keypad KeyPad Plus, new software PRO Desktop 3.0, as well as online tools for professionals who work with Ajax security systems daily, namely Battery life calculator and Guide on Jeweller.

To check the products and features showcased on Ajax Special Event last time, watch the recording below or read this article.