Through fire, water, and sparks: Ajax Systems launches a massive advertising campaign

Ajax Systems together with Fedoriv Agency and NCG (Nostra Communications Group) advertising and communications holding company launched a large-scale promotional campaign — Protection for an Imperfect World.

The launch of ads is planned on television, LED screens, and boards across the country, on the radio, in major grocery and construction supermarkets, and, of course, in the digital space (social media, Spotify, influencers, etc.). The first commercial was shown during the fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua, which was broadcast by the streaming service MEGOGO.

As a digital-native company, Ajax Systems has always focused particularly on the digital promotion channels. But over time we realized that this is not enough to reach the mass audience. That’s why we set a goal to launch a powerful 360° campaign that would take the Ajax brand awareness beyond the Facebook bubble to the nationwide level. And all this without the emphasis on fear and intimidation that is commonly used in security products advertising.Valentine Hrytsenko
Ajax Systems CMO

New commercials show that the dangers, such as fires, floods, burglaries, are always around, they can happen to anyone. But with Ajax, you can live in a world of security and tranquility.

The imperfect world is shown alongside harmony and security with Ajax. In the shot, a carefree couple walks calmly down the corridor to their apartment, while behind them there is a real action movie: explosions and columns of fire, streams of water from a flooded apartment, burglars sawing apart the lock of their neighbors’ door. But this does not affect the romantic and relaxed mood of the couple, because their apartment has a reliable Ajax security system — protection for an imperfect world.

The 20-second branding video is accompanied by three 15-second clips demonstrating the work of individual detectors.


Implementation: through fire and water

The video was shot by NO STARS studio with the Lithuanian star director Ignas Jonynas, who has extensive experience shooting advertising campaigns and movies.

ajax protection imperfect world

To enhance the one-shot effect, the clip is shot in one frame, and the reality of the disaster is demonstrated with real fire, water, and burglars. A special location with an elevator, a corridor, and an apartment was built in a pavilion exclusively for the filming.

The actors actually had a stuntman’s task: to portray maximum carelessness and be romantic when there is a real fire, flooding, and sawing of a door happening behind them.

To achieve the perfect image, a whole day of rehearsals was held, so that the actors get used to the special effects.

ajax protection imperfect world

ajax protection imperfect world

The goal

According to statistics, in European countries like Norway, Spain, or the UK, the percentage of homes where an alarm system is installed can be as high as 50%, meaning almost every second home has a security system. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the figure barely reaches 7%.

The goal of the new advertising campaign is to make Ajax synonymous with the category of security and to form a clear connection among the target audience: “If a security system — then Ajax.”

Thanks to its universal storyline, the campaign is easily adaptable to other countries. After a flight in Ukraine, Ajax plans to localize the campaign for other target markets.

ajax protection imperfect world